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26.03.2009 19:35, janet ramos from USA E-mail :
Thank you for sharing your story. My 3 year old son was born with SB. It has been very hard to deal with and reading your story helped me understand what it will be like for my son. May God bless you!

05.11.2008 17:59, mary from u.s.a. E-mail Homepage :
tank you for all your studies with and about spinabifidainfo and god bless

21.09.2008 01:10, Dojja adsell from United States E-mail :
I enjoyed your story. I have a grandson that is now 3 years old and he was born with spina bifida. He is adorable and we love him very much. He has a 6 year old brother who doesn't have any disabilities. There are times when Brady(the 3 yr old) has to be at the Dr for many appts. Austin the older brother spends alot of time traveling for medical appt for his brother. My daughter in law trys not to have Brady's medical problems interfere with providing a normal life for Austin. I'm hoping that Austin won't grow to resent his brother. We love Brady very much and hope he leads a long life. There are days when it is difficult when he ends up in the hospital for medical reasons associated with his spina bifida.
Reading your story made me hopeful that Brady will lead a somewhat normal life someday. That he will not be made fun of at school by his peers and that society will accept him. I hope someday he goes to college and marries and gives me great grandbabies.
Thank you for sharing your story. God Bless you.

Page: 1
Entries: 3

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